FAQs – Sign Making

Signage is essential to promote your business, and good signage shows that you care about your image. Signage should be an important part of any businesses budget and not left to the last minute.

How much does a sign cost?

This is often the question we are asked most and unfortunately there is no easy answer. It very much depends on what your ideas and expectations are.

We will have to make a site visit to discuss what your ideas are and see where and how the sign can be fixed before giving an idea of price.
It is possible to provide anything from a simple foam board with cut vinyl text which the customer installs them selves up to a complicated large design made of multiple materials and lighting which requires design, bespoke artwork, planning permission and working at heights installation.

Some of the details we need to know before making an estimate or quote are the following.

  • Size
  • Position
  • Budget
  • Materials
  • Fixings
  • Colours
  • Cut vinyl or Digital print
  • Suitable artwork supplied

Reflecta will discuss your ideas and budget to find a suitable solution which will give the best value for money.

Design & Artwork

Design & Artwork preparation are often the hidden costs when requesting signs. Even a very simple sign will usually involve a designer entering the layout onto the computer for material cutting or for making a design proof.

An hour of design & Artwork time is usually included in the original estimate for a sign, but where extensive choices or multiple proof changes are requested then extra charges may be made.

We may be asked for a variety of ideas when someone is not sure what they want, we are happy to provide this as a design & planning service which is charged for seperately from the sign manufacture.

How long will it take?

This is the next most asked question we get. Please don’t leave discussing and ordering your signage to the last minute. It takes time to design & produce a quality sign.

A simple panel can often be produced within a few days from materials we carry in stock, but most signs will require many stages and can often be a lengthy process. We often find the decision process may take more time than initially thought to pass back and forward ideas and amended proofs.

Some of the stages when producing a sign and for which time is required are mentioned here so you can see the process:

  • Initial meeting,
  • design,
  • pricing,
  • artwork,
  • sending out proofs
  • adjustment of artwork after discussing proofs,
  • planning permission,
  • order of materials,
  • manufacture
  • installation planning
  • installation

So to avoid stress with short deadlines please consider your signage in good time.


Maintenance of a sign is an aspect which should be always considered as many signs are installed and then forgotten about.

Signage on a building is the responsibility of the owner or tenant of the building and inspections must be made regularly to make sure they are safe and securely fastened as to avoid any accidents to passers-by.

While the sign maker is responsible for leaving the sign in a safe condition when erected it is then out of their control, unless part of the construction has been negligent. It is usual for the sign maker to give a limited warranty on the sign itself, but the attachment to the building and integrity of the building itself is out with their control once it has been installed and subject to wear & tear.


Reflecta offer a 12 month warranty on all signage (unless otherwise indicated). Most signs will last for many years if not subject to extreme conditions.