Free Standing Signs

These types of signs come in many designs, the most popular of which are Plate & Post, Modular and Totem designs.

Plate and post are as it says a flat plate usually of aluminium or composite fixed to steel or aluminium posts. However wooden posts or frames can also be used for a personal design.

Modular designs are a form of plate and post where the plates are formed into solid boxes and then slid between the posts to hide fixings. They are often made up of several thin planks and used as directional signs.

Totem signs are similar to modular signs but usually start at ground level and often have a curved face.

We can also provide self standing posts for house signs and guest house sign brackets. These are usually made by local steel workers and made to order.

Highfield hotel sign

Aluminium Panel on Aluminium Posts with Flood Coated Colour and Cut Vinyl

Impact sign

Aluminium Panel on Aluminium Posts with Digital Print

Sunnycroft wooden sign

Blacksmith Made Bracket with Engraved Wooden Sign

Greystoke foam board sign

Blacksmith Made Bracket with Foam Board Sign, Flood Coated and Cut Vinyl Graphics