Projecting Signs

These are often used by pubs, shops and businesses to attract attention from both directions on a street.

The traditional Pub swing sign was usually made out of wood but more often nowadays modern materials such as Aluminium or foam board are used as they are lighter and tend to weather better.

The idea behind a swing signs is that wind can swing the sign and release pressure forces from the wind. However on smaller signs in the high street it may be better to fix the hanging sign so it does not swing in the wind. We are able to offer a selection of types and materials to suit.

Up & Running shop sign

Painted Aluminium Panel with Cut Vinyl Graphics

Aluminium box shop sign

Painted Aluminium Box Sign with Cut Vinyl Graphics

Foam board shop sign

Foam Board Panel with Flood Coat Colour and Cut Vinyl Graphics

Java coffee shop sign

Foam Board Panel with Blacksmith Made Bracket. Flood Coat and Cut Vinyl Graphics

Box panel guesthouse sign

Painted Aluminium Classic Box Panel with Cut Vinyl Graphics

Digital print shop sign

Full Colour Digital Prints Applied to Existing Panels