Sign Panels

Sign panels are very popular for a variety of uses from simple indoor signage, to directional signs, car park signs, Post & Panel signs, Sign Trays and Framed panels. Flat panels can be made from various materials such as:


These are very rigid, hard wearing and strong for situations where signs may be knocked or damaged. This is a good material for either flat post & panel designs and also for folding into sign Tray designs.

Aluminium Composite

Often known by a trade name such as Dibond. This is a 3mm thick board made with a thin aluminium veneer over a dense resin core which produces a  smooth surface board that is light, strong, durable, weather and rust resistant. It is a very versatile board which can be used for numerous different types of signs both indoor and outdoor and while not as strong as aluminium plate it can still be used for Folded sign trays.


Is a plastic product with high gloss finish which can be used both internally and externally for various signs. It comes in either a clear version or a large range of colours. It can be used on shop fascias or for small items such as menu boards, exhibitions, retails signs and nameplates. It is often used on nameplates with standoffs and graphics applied on the reverse to give a smart look.

Foamex or PVC Foam Board

Is a medium weight, durable product which is easy to cut and shape to requirements. It comes in variety of thicknesses 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and 19mm and is used for long term indoor or short term outdoor applications such as point of sale, exhibitions and event signage.


Is another trade name for Fluted Display Board. This is a very light 4mm thick product with hollow channels in it and is designed only for short term use, preferably indoors. It is often used for sales signs, event signs, point of sale and exhibitions. It is extremely lightweight and therefore easy to transport, but can be damaged quite easily.

Aluminium panel sign

Aluminium Panel with Channel Fixings

Keswick school sign

Acrylic Panel with Vinyl Graphics

Sundog energy sign

Dibond Panels in Aluminium Frame with Digital Print Graphics

Keswick school Dibond

Dibond Pane;s with Flood Coat and Vinyl Graphics

Temporary A-board

Temporary Exhibition Aboard from Correx Panels Printed

Temporary exhibition sign

Temporary Exhibition Sign from Printed Correx