Most of us would agree that a light, bright workplace makes for a good working environment. However throughout the year the solar effects of glare and temperature increases can have a massive effect on us. At work especially, high temperatures can cause a huge reduction in productivity as well as stress, tiredness and even illness. Window glare can make the use of computer screens almost impossible, make production line work difficult or even dangerous, and potentially cause hygiene problems in areas of food preparation.

Commercial window film

Store fronts and display areas must show their goods to best effect yet need to protect valuable stock from the heat and UV rays, which cause fading, while also resisting intruders, vandals and possible bomb blasts.

All businesses and public buildings must conform to health and safety standards which specify visible markings (Manifestations) on all critical locations around unprotected glazing and on glass doors.

A professional survey and installation of window film by Reflecta can help solve these problems and others associated with using glass as a modern building medium.

  • A cooler and more comfortable workplace
  • Reduce fading and protect stock and furnishings
  • Protection from intruders or bomb blast
  • Protect exposed areas of glazing in public buildings, schools and hospitals
  • Health and safety manifestation requirements
  • Protect glass and paintwork from graffiti and vandals
  • Improve appearance, increase privacy and hide unsightly utilities
  • Graphics and Logos
  • Cost effective solutions

Reflecta are an independent supplier / installer endorsed by several main window film manufacturers and can therefore find the correct product for each project from an extensive range to suit a variety of commercial problems.