Health & Safety Requirements and Manifestations



All areas of glass in buildings have a legal requirement to be both safe and visible, particularly walls and doors which could be difficult to see. The legislation covers what are described in building regulations as Critical areas. These areas must conform to the current standards for safety glass as described by BS EN 12600.

Large uninterrupted areas of transparent glazing must also be marked with visible patterns called manifestations. Window film installation is the most cost effective solution to satisfy these requirements while causing minimal disruption to the workplace.

Manifestations can be provided from standard designs and are often two rows of dots in frosted film, but they can also incorporate special patterns or company logos designed to your specific ideas.

Reflecta are able to survey the glass in your premises, advise on what protection is required and suggest a film which is suitable.

Critical Locations in Internal & External Walls, Doors, Windows & Side panels

commercial safety manifestations