Feel Safe and Secure with window film from Reflecta. Specialist Security films will help hold a broken pane of glass together, keeping dangerous shards attached to the film’s adhesive system.

Solar guard window films

The Solar Gard Armorcoat series of films is specifically designed for its strength and should be used in areas where protection is the main consideration. Armorcoat comes in several grades of thickness to stop intruders, storm damage or even bomb blasts and it is available in shades to combine solar protection.

Please consult us as to the best product for your needs as often strength does not equate with safety. In the case of bomb blasts it is often wrongly thought that a very strong film will give the best protection. However it could result in the whole window being blown in which is a dangerous situation. Films are designed with size and type of glass in mind and an onsite survey can determine the correct product.

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