Graffiti Gard

Graffiti Gard is a protective window film designed to provide a clear sacrificial barrier that can be applied externally or internally. The thickness of the film and durable coating make this the ideal choice where unwanted deliberate damage may be a common occurrence.

Graffiti Gard removal

Where Can I Use Protective Film?

Our protective films have been applied to a wide range of buildings including Commercial Premises, Public Utilities, Historic Buildings, Public Transport, Smooth Stone and Metal.

Graffiti Gard is a thick polyester based film with pressure sensitive adhesive, 4mil (100 micron), depending on the amount of protection required. It has a three year warranty against peeling, cracking, crazing and discolouration when applied internally and one year when applied externally.

Product Details:

  • Offers a solution to the problem of graffiti
  • Provides a tough clear barrier – that can be sacrificed – for application internally or externally to most smooth surfaces including glass, metal, stonework etc.
  • A thick but invisible coating means the protected surface remains unharmed while the vandals leave assured of their handy work
  • A special adhesive system that enables film to be applied and removed by professionals – when unwanted damage has occurred
  • Helps to prevent fading – contains in built UV light inhibitors
  • Graffiti film can be applied to public transport vehicles, transit shelters, shopping areas and other public spaces and utilities
  • Even resists acid attacks

How precious is stock value? How much do you have to write off because of faded or sun-bleached goods? Glass breakage of shop front windows and the potential for litigation claims. Graffiti Gard can help prevent all these things become a more serious issue. The cost of film application is by far cheaper than the value you would lose from write-offs or claims against you.

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Graffiti Gard film