Manifestations are markings used on full height glass in windows, doors or building partitions, as a safety feature to make them more obvious, which can prevent injury if somebody was to walk into the glass.

There is health and safety legislation which dictates where manifestations must be placed.

Manifestations Manifestations are usually two rows of 50mm or 75mm white or frosted dots on the glass at heights of 1500mm and 800mm from the floor.

Whilst legislation dictates where and when manifestations should appear, there are no requirements as to how they should appear. This allows for flexibility in your manifestation design. As long as the design chosen provides a contrast between its appearance and that of the glass and covers the size and height requirements it is serving its purpose by making the glass apparent.

Commercial window manifestations

Manifestations can therefore take the form of company logos or other designs, making glass manifestation a great product to bring an extra design element to your windows and glass, providing a way of making a feature from a functional requirement.


Reflecta can help you choose the most suitable design for your requirements and then cut, supply and install where necessary.