Safety & Security Films

Our range of safety and security films can help keep you, your children, your pets, your employees and your customer safe…

Armorcoat logoThe name says it all – Armorcoat is a thick, optically clear barrier film that is retrofitted to the inside of windows to reinforce glass, helping to hold it safely in place upon impact should an attempted break-in, natural disaster or bomb blast occur. Armorcoat safety film is made from only the highest quality materials, such as tough, high tensile polyester and ultra-strong mounting adhesives – available in thickness ranging from 4 to 14 Mil (.004” to .014”) and offered in clear and solar control versions. Plus, stronger glass resilience can be achieved with attachment system options. Reflecta will help you select the right level of protection for your property from our wide variety of thickness, tints and performance levels.

Armorcoat has passed some of the most stringent government and consumer testing to provide effective hurricane window protection, blast mitigation and overall window safety. Also popularly referred to as glass fragment retention, anti-shatter film and Mylar, Armorcoat is the preferred window protection product among home and business owners, and property managers worldwide.

Home Protection

The most common type of protection requested in the home is where children or pets have access to large panes of glass such as patio doors and French windows. Armorcoat is a simple low cost solution easily fitted to vulnerable areas.

Breaking and entering is the other concern of the home owner. Armorcoat is again the quickest and most cost effective solution to stall a thief.

Installing Armorcoat will also give the added benefit of protecting your furnishings from UV damage and shaded options are available for further glare control or privacy.

Business Protection


All forms of businesses, public buildings, schools, hospitals, museums and stores face a variety of health and safety requirements as well as security concerns.

Nearly all areas of glazing used in the workplace are required to conform to certain safety standards. Armorcoat window film is used extensively and is often nowadays requested by architects, planners and safety audits.

Clear Armorcoat can give excellent intruder protection while also almost eliminating UV damage and being optically clear, so is an excellent choice for store front windows and museums where good visibility is required.

Vehicle Protection

All vehicles can benefit from the installation of Armorcoat to provide better protection from shards of glass in event of an accident or to deter a thief tying to break in. Clear Armorcoat can even be installed on the front windows to give all round protection.

Safety Films

Economical and widely used film that meets BS EN 12600, classes AB & C.

Used in Critical Locations as incorporated into the Document `N` Building Regulations 1991, BS 6262, Part 4, Safety and Human Impact.

Site applications: Schools, homes, older buildings, shop fronts, offices and situations where old glass need not be changed, but can be brought up to current legislation with film application.

Security Films

More difficult to penetrate and normally thicker, used in areas vulnerable to attack. Meets the extra criteria for BS5544 parts 1, 2 and 3, as well as the BS EN 12600.

Site applications: High street shops, High rise offices and Government establishments.

Product Details:

  • Helps to reduce the risk of damage and injury caused when glass breaks.
  • Designed to keep harmful shards of glass in one place.
  • Protects property, fabrics, furniture and other merchandise from glass debris
  • In a business application – continuity can be maintained
  • Helps to eliminate further accidents caused by flying glass
  • Available from 4 mil (100 micron) to 14 mil (350 micron) thick, in both clear and some Solar/safety combination versions
  • All safety and security films help reduce fading by removing at least 98% of harmful UV rays too
  • Armorcoat range complies to British Standards for impact requirements and the new European CEN12600 standards
  • Compliant also with American standards GSA/ISC safety criteria for bomb blast, level C

Glass Frame Retention Systems

When glass has had safety film applied it may also be required to have a frame retention system installed to stop the filmed glass falling or being pushed out from the frame.

While the film is adequate in containing the shards of broken glass, the broken glass/film composite can be removed from the frame if enough pressure is exerted. This pressure can come from air pressure (hurricane or bomb blast), gravity or from physical pressure from an intruder. The application of an attachment system can resist these forces well beyond what an unattached film could resist.

This is important in any overhead glazing to stop broken glass falling onto those below and is also often used for bomb blast mitigation and security applications.
There are several types of frame retention systems available and Reflecta are able to discuss the best system for your needs.

  • Wet Glaze System – Wet glaze consists of applying a Structural Silicone Sealent to the film edge and frame.
  • Gullwing System – The Gullwing system uses a flexible membrane that is attached to both the filmed glass and the window frame with strong double sided tape, serving to hold them both in place.
  • Framegard & Ultima No bar – These systems are strong rigid frame systems which require an internal frame attachment screwed through the film and window frame.
  • Cable & Bar Systems – There are Cable & Bar systems which are usually used in industrial locations and consist of a string of protective cables or cords which will catch the glazing if pushed from the frame.

Glass retention for whatever purpose is a serious issue and it is of vital importance that the correct solution is provided for each individual set of circumstances. These vary due to the type of building, the design of the windows and the type of threat faced so please contact us to discuss your requirements.