Solar Blinds

Solar Screen Film Blinds

We are occasionally asked if it is possible to combine the properties of Solar window film with a Blind which can be rolled up or pulled aside when not required.

These have been available in the past but unfortunately are no longer available

Blinds or Film?

In most situations we believe that the advantages of glass applied window film outweighs the benefits of window blinds for the reasons below.

Benefits of Film
  • Elimination of 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Reduction of heat build up and hot spots by up to 75%
  • Protection from the sun while still allowing a view
  • Reduction of glare and reflection
  • Increase in safety,
  • Increase in security
  • No maintenance
  • No blinds to clean
  • Enhances appearance
  • Reduces heat escaping in winter
  • Reduces air conditioning or heating costs
Disadvantages of Blinds
  • While reducing Hot Spots they do not reduce overall heat build up in a room as the heat has already entered the room before hitting the blind. The blind then absorbs the heat and can act like a radiator
  • Standard Blinds block the view
  • Potential safety issues with dangling cords
  • No Increase in security other than privacy
  • Require repair & maintenance service
  • Require regular cleaning