Insulation & Low E

Energy Saving, Insulation and Low E

Window film for insulation
While the most important energy saving from window film is in keeping out solar energy and therefore a saving on the use of air conditioning in the summer months, it can also be used to improve a windows U-value and reduce heat escaping in cold conditions.

Increase Thermal Efficiency with Reflecta Window Film

There are films available which also increase the thermal efficiency of the glass giving a reduction in the heat escaping through the glass. However these films are not as effective as having good double glazing as the majority of heat escapes through conductivity which a film can do very little about.

The new generation of Low E films can be very effective in helping with radiation loss on single pane windows and boost their thermal properties to close to having double glazing. This is useful where it is impracticable to use double glazing or where building regulations stipulate more efficient glazing but they are going to have little effect on an already well insulated glazed unit.