Solar Control

Working in a room with direct sunlight entering can become hot and uncomfortable. At 68 degrees Fahrenheit, work productivity is optimised. At 75 degrees, productivity drops by 40%.

UK legislation states that business premises must maintain a reasonable temperature in the working environment.

Commercial solar film

Window film can be part of your working environment control management, with computer screens, tills and televisions all more easily viewed, while your workforce, stock, floors and furnishings all benefit from the 99% reduction in UV radiation and up to 80% reduction in solar energy which window film can provide.

Blinds have been the traditional method to reduce this problem but they are expensive, awkward to install and operate, collect dust and insects, prone to damage and do not reflect the heat but absorb it into the room. Now with modern advances in the technology of window film a better option is available creating a less damaging and more cost efficient environment.

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