Solar Films

With direct sunlight entering your home or conservatory it often becomes hot, bright and uncomfortable and maybe therefore unusable space. Blinds have been the traditional method to reduce this problem but now with modern advances in the technology of window film a better more cost efficient option is available. Benefit from the cooler and more comfortable conditions provided by installing window film which greatly reduces the solar energy entering by up to 75% and eliminates 99% of the UV radiation, allowing you to enjoy the use of rooms which were previously too hot and by reducing the glare it becomes more comfortable while still able to enjoy the view through your windows.

Residential solar window film

On Polycarbonate roofs we use a special CoolKote film while on glass surfaces we can help you choose from a variety of different products.

Reducing the solar heat gain will not make your home or conservatory cold but reduce the temperature to a more comfortable level where it can be used when previously it could not.

There are films available which in the winter also increase the thermal efficiency of the glass giving a 30% reduction in the heat escaping, similar to double glazing.